Rendering 3-d surface plots for social media

Category: presentation

It’s 2018, and your favorite meme pages on facebook constantly come up with quality 3d-post content. How can we mere researchers even begin to compete in terms of social media presence? What chance do we have at going viral? In this post, I show you how to generate 3-d renders of your or your friends’ cool machine learning research.

Winning Arguments and Attitude Change on Reddit

Category: social-nlp
#persuasion #malleability #attitude change #reddit #social

One of the many reasons why people are beautiful and fascinating is the way we change. I get reminded of how much I have changed everytime I see a photo of myself from high school, and this always triggers memories of how my opinions and attitudes have changed over the years. Some of the beliefs I held most strongly ended up being abandoned completely, while others have not changed much. …

Word Mover’s Distance in Python

Category: python
#word embeddings #text classification #earth mover's distance

In document classification and other natural language processing applications, having a good measure of the similarity of two texts can be a valuable building block. Ideally, such a measure would capture semantic information. Cosine similarity on bag-of-words vectors is known to do well in practice, but it inherently cannot capture when documents say the same thing in completely different words. …