Optimizing with constraints:
reparametrization and geometry.

Category: optimization

Some of the most popular strategies for handling constraints in gradient-based optimization, namely: reparametrization, projected gradient, and mirror descent, while seemingly very different, are deeply connected. In this post, we will explore these connections. In particular, we show that mirror descent is equivalent to gradient descent on a reparametrized objective with straight-through gradients.

Rendering 3-d surface plots for social media

Category: presentation

It’s 2018, and your favorite meme pages on facebook constantly come up with quality 3d-post content. How can we mere researchers even begin to compete in terms of social media presence? What chance do we have at going viral? In this post, I show you how to generate 3-d renders of your or your friends’ cool machine learning research.

Winning Arguments and Attitude Change on Reddit

Category: social-nlp
#persuasion #malleability #attitude change #reddit #social

One of the many reasons why people are beautiful and fascinating is the way we change. I get reminded of how much I have changed everytime I see a photo of myself from high school, and this always triggers memories of how my opinions and attitudes have changed over the years. Some of the beliefs I held most strongly ended up being abandoned completely, while others have not changed much. …