Scikit-learn-speed HTML reports teaser

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EDIT: I made the plots a little more readable, check it out!

Last time, I teased you with a screenshot of local output. Now, I will tease you with the benchmarks run on a couple of recent commits, along with some from earlier this year.

After some effort and bugfixes, the project now reliably runs on different machines, so the next step to host it on a remote server and invoke it daily is getting closer. In the mean time, you can have a look at the sample output.

Note that just last time, the plots look jagged but the differences are mostly minor and significant conclusions cannot be drawn yet, but as the suite will start running daily, the plots will become much more meaningful. I could waste time running the suite on more previous commits, but the results wouldn’t be comparable with the ones from the deployed system, because of hardware differences.

Playing around with this makes me want a couple of features in vbench. One is the possibility to overlay related benchmarks on the same plot (for example, different parameters for the same algorithm and data): this could be useful to spot patterns. A second one is some query / sorting support: see what are the most expensive benchmarks, see what benchmarks show the biggest jump in performance (but this could become a historical wall of fame or shame).

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