Profiler output, benchmark standard deviation and other goodies in scikit-learn-speed

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This post is about the scikit-learnbenchmarking project that I am working on, called scikit-learn-speed. This is a continuous benchmarking suite that runs and generates HTML reports using Wes McKinney’s vbench framework, to which I had to make some (useful, I hope) additions.

What it looks like now

You can check out a teaser/demo that was run on equidistant releases from the last two months. What has changed since the last version? Here’s a list in order of obviousness:

  • We now use the lovely scikit-learn theme
  • Timing graphs now show the ±1 standard deviation range
  • cProfile output is displayed for all the benchmarks, so we can easily see at a glance what’s up
  • Said profiler output is collapsible using JQueryUI goodness
  • There now is an improved Quick Start guide to running vbench on your machine

What made this possible

I have done some more refactoring in my vbench fork, because I didn’t want to have a huge, monolithic Benchmark class that was specific to what we want in scikit-learn-speed. So on this branch, I set up a mixin/multiple inheritance hierarchy of benchmark classes.

The Benchmark class in vbench is now an abstract base class, with some common functionality and structure.
Our SklBenchmark class is defined in scikit-learn-speed as:

class SklBenchmark(CProfileBenchmarkMixin, MemoryBenchmarkMixin, PythonBenchmark):

Let’s read this from right to left:

  • PythonBenchmark: This class stores code, setup and cleanup Python code as strings, and implements simple timing mechanisms using the time module.
  • Bonus: TimeitBenchmark: This class extends PythonBenchmark with the timeit micro-benchmark timing method previously used in vbench. We turned this off in scikit-learn-speed.
  • MemoryBenchmarkMixin: This adds memory benchmarking using [memory_profiler][].
  • CProfileBenchmarkMixin: This runs the code through cProfile and implements mechanisms to report the output.

The database is not flexible enough to adapt to arbitrary benchmark structure right now, so if anybody would like to help the effort, it would be very appreciated.

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