Dictionary learning in scikit-learn 0.9

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Thanks to Olivier, Gaël and Alex, who reviewed the code heavily the last couple of days, and with apologies for my lack of activity during a sequence of conferences, Dictionary learning has officially been merged into scikit-learn master, and just in time for the new scikit-learn 0.9 release. Here …

Long overdue update. EuroScipy and SSLST 2011

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Anybody reading my blog should have expected me to blog about the end of my GSoC. Sorry to disappoint, but I simply did not experience anything similar to an ending. On the contrary, I feel like things have barely started. Also, I apologize for one of the few posts here …

Optimizing Orthogonal Matching Pursuit code in Numpy, part 2

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#blas #efficient #lapack #numpy #omp #orthogonal matching pursuit #potrs #scipy #dictionary learning #python #scikit-learn

EDIT: There was a bug in the final version of the code presented here. It is fixed now, for its backstory, check out my blog post on it.

When we last saw our hero, he was fighting with the dreaded implementation of least-angle regression, knowing full well that it was …