Dictionary learning in scikit-learn 0.9

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Thanks to Olivier, Gaël and Alex, who reviewed the code heavily the last couple of days, and with apologies for my lack of activity during a sequence of conferences, Dictionary learning has officially been merged into scikit-learn master, and just in time for the new scikit-learn 0.9 release. Here are some glimpses of the examples you can run for yourself:

[Dictionary learned from Lena patches][]

[Noisy image for denoising][]

[![Image denoising with Dictionary learning and Orthogonal matching pursuit][]][]

The stars of this new release are: the manifold learning module by Jake Vanderplas and Fabian Pedregosa, the Dirichlet process gaussian mixture model by Alexandre Passos, and many others, as you can see from the development changelog (as soon as the release is made, I will update this post with permanent links).

The release is due tomorrow. I will also be in charge with building the Windows installers for this release, let’s hope I do a good job and you can think of me and smile when installing!

[Dictionary learned from Lena patches]: http://localhost:8001/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/plot_image_denoising_1.png

[Noisy image for denoising]: http://localhost:8001/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/plot_image_denoising_24.png

[![Image denoising with Dictionary learning and Orthogonal matching pursuit][]]: http://localhost:8001/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/plot_image_denoising_44.png

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