Dictionary learning sneak peek

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Closing in on the goal of integrating J. Mairal’s dictionary learning in the scikit, I stitched together a couple of examples.

The code is not yet integrated according to our standards, but here is the kind of results you can expect.

Here is how a dictionary obtained from 8x8 patches of Lena looks like. Pretty much it looks as expected: gabor-like wavelets with different rotations and shifts, which means things are working!

[Dictionary learned from lena patches][]

And here is how it works for denoising Lena. On the left is the noisy image and on the right is the reconstruction from a learned dictionary. The sparse code code producing the result on the right is found using orthogonal matching pursuit.

This is by no means a good denoising example, I have no idea at the moment how to tweak the patch sizes and the model parameters to obtain a better result. This is just a sneak peek and pretty soon you will see better stuff!

[Denoising Lena with dictionary learning and OMP][]

[Dictionary learned from lena patches]: http://localhost:8001/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/image.png

[Denoising Lena with dictionary learning and OMP]: http://localhost:8001/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/denoise.png

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