Compiling MegaM on MacOS X

Category: nlp
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MegaM is Hal Daumé III’s maxent (logistic regression, and much more) modeling software written in OCaml. It is feature-packed and seems to be used a lot, despite being slightly dated. NLTK is able to use it.

In order to compile it as of 2012, with the current version of OCaml, I had to do some tricks that I would like to document here. It’s no big deal but it could save somebody precious minutes.

  1. Download and unpack the gzip archive.
  2. Install ocaml using macports: sudo port install ocaml. Note: this installed version 3.12.1_5, YMMV with newer versions later.
  3. Point the compiler to the correct headers. First run ocamlc -where to find out the correct path. On my system it’s /opt/local/lib/ocaml/caml. Change the WITHCLIBS line (#73) in the Makefile to point there.
  4. As of OCaml 3.12.0, the -lstr compiler flag should be replaced with -lcamlstr. It occurs on line #62 within the definition of WITHSTR.
  5. Run make or make opt and enjoy.

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