Allow me to introduce myself

Vlad Niculae

Welcome, traveler, to my page. Enjoy your brief stay while you get to know me! My name is Vlad and I’m a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Cornell, advised by Claire Cardie.

I am also a scientific Python developer, maintainter of the polylearn library for factorization machines and polynomial networks in Python, and sometimes contributing to the scikit-learn machine learning library. I am collaborating with the Center for Computational Linguistics at the University of Bucharest.



You can take a look at the list of my publications. The materials for talks that I’ve had the honor of giving are also available.


Whenever I code something that I think is cool and could be useful, I blog about it.

You can read about the fonts I’m using on this page and I’m sure you’ll find it interesting, especially if you’re mathematically inclined. Then again, people don’t usually get my math jokes, so I won’t get my hopes up.


You can find me on twitter as @vnfrombucharest or on github as @vene. I’m also on facebook and g+. You can transmit your thoughts to me at My public key is available from Keybase.