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  1. Romanian people and coffee

    Fri 13 April 2012
    By vene

    So I got my hands of the Google N-gram data for the Romanian language. It’s noisy as hell, has some other subtle issues too, but here’s the first thing I noticed:

    The Romanian word for coffee is cafea, and the more you crave it, the longer you pronunce ...

  2. Nash-Williams theorem on the Hamiltonian property of some regular graphs

    Sun 29 January 2012
    By vene

    I have been digging on the internet for the proof of this theorem for the last couple of days without success. The result was published by Sir Crispin Nash-Williams as Valency Sequences which force graphs to have Hamiltonian Circuits. Interim Rep, University of Waterloo Res Rep., Waterloo, Ontario, 1969. However ...

  3. Moving out

    Fri 06 January 2012
    By vene

    Happy new year, friends!

    I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to build a better web presence and make better use of the domain that I previously only used for mail.

    This has prompted me to move my blog over to http://localhost:8001 which hopefully is shorter, better ...

  4. Long overdue update. EuroScipy and SSLST 2011

    Mon 05 September 2011
    By vene

    Anybody reading my blog should have expected me to blog about the end of my GSoC. Sorry to disappoint, but I simply did not experience anything similar to an ending. On the contrary, I feel like things have barely started. Also, I apologize for one of the few posts here ...

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