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  1. Romanian people and coffee

    By vene

    So I got my hands of the Google N-gram data for the Romanian language. It’s noisy as hell, has some other subtle issues too, but here’s the first thing I noticed:

    The Romanian word for coffee is cafea, and the more you crave it, the longer you pronunce …

  2. Nash-Williams theorem on the Hamiltonian property of some regular graphs

    By vene

    I have been digging on the internet for the proof of this theorem for the last couple of days without success. The result was published by Sir Crispin Nash-Williams as Valency Sequences which force graphs to have Hamiltonian Circuits. Interim Rep, University of Waterloo Res Rep., Waterloo, Ontario, 1969. However …

  3. Moving out

    By vene

    Happy new year, friends!

    I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to build a better web presence and make better use of the domain that I previously only used for mail.

    This has prompted me to move my blog over to http://localhost:8001 which hopefully is shorter, better …

  4. Long overdue update. EuroScipy and SSLST 2011

    By vene

    Anybody reading my blog should have expected me to blog about the end of my GSoC. Sorry to disappoint, but I simply did not experience anything similar to an ending. On the contrary, I feel like things have barely started. Also, I apologize for one of the few posts here …

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