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  1. Really the most common english idioms?

    By vene

    A while back I ran into this blog post and it made me wonder. I’m not a native speaker but the idiomatic phrases that they note as common don’t strike me as such. I don’t think I have ever encountered them very often in real dialogue.

    The …

  2. Compiling and Installing GLARF and the bundled Charniak parser on MacOS X

    By vene

    It seems that I keep getting handed buggy code to install. These are cases of research software where the developers didn’t make the effort to make sure their tool works on the platforms it should.

    [GLARF][] (Grammatical and Logical Argument Representation Framework) is, in their words, “a typed feature …

  3. Compiling MegaM on MacOS X

    By vene

    MegaM is Hal Daumé III’s maxent (logistic regression, and much more) modeling software written in OCaml. It is feature-packed and seems to be used a lot, despite being slightly dated. NLTK is able to use it.

    In order to compile it as of 2012, with the current version of …

  4. Customizing scikits.learn for a specific text analysis task

    By vene

    Scikits.learn is a great general library, but machine learning has so many different application, that it is often very helpful to be able to extend its API to better integrate with your code. With scikits.learn, this is extremely easy to do using inheritance and using the pipeline module …

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