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  1. On why my %memit fails on OSX

    By vene

    In my last post I mentioned that I’m not satisfied with the current state of %memit, because some more complicated numerical function calls make it crash. I will start this post with a reminder of a pretty important bug:

    [On MacOS X (10.7 but maybe more), after forking …

  2. More on memory benchmarking

    By vene

    Following up on my task to make it easier to benchmark memory usage in Python, I updated Fabian’s [memory_profiler][] to include a couple of useful IPython magics. While in my last post, I used the new IPython 0.13 syntax for defining magics, this time I used the backwards-compatible …

  3. Quick memory usage benchmarking in IPython

    By vene

    Everybody loves %timeit, there’s no doubt about it. So why not have something like that, but for measuring how much memory your line takes? Well, now you can; grab a hold of the script in the following gist and run it like in the example.

    [gist id=3022718]

    Instead …