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  1. On why my %memit fails on OSX

    Wed 04 July 2012
    By vene

    In my last post I mentioned that I’m not satisfied with the current state of %memit, because some more complicated numerical function calls make it crash. I will start this post with a reminder of a pretty important bug:

    [On MacOS X (10.7 but maybe more), after forking ...

  2. More on memory benchmarking

    Mon 02 July 2012
    By vene

    Following up on my task to make it easier to benchmark memory usage in Python, I updated Fabian’s [memory_profiler][] to include a couple of useful IPython magics. While in my last post, I used the new IPython 0.13 syntax for defining magics, this time I used the backwards-compatible ...

  3. Quick memory usage benchmarking in IPython

    Sat 30 June 2012
    By vene

    Everybody loves %timeit, there’s no doubt about it. So why not have something like that, but for measuring how much memory your line takes? Well, now you can; grab a hold of the script in the following gist and run it like in the example.

    [gist id=3022718]

    Instead ...