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  1. Scikit-learn-speed: An overview on the final day

    By vene

    This summer, I was granted the project called scikit-learn-speed, consisting of developing a benchmarking platform for scikit-learn and using it to find potential speedups, and in the end, make the library go faster wherever I can.

    On the official closing day of this work, I’d like to take a …

  2. Inverses and pseudoinverses. Numerical issues, speed, symmetry.

    By vene

    The matrix inverse is a cornerstone of linear algebra, taught, along with its applications, since high school. The inverse of a matrix \$latex A\$, if it exists, is the matrix \$latex A\^{-1}\$ such that \$latex AA\^{-1} = A\^{-1}A = I_n\$. Based on the requirement that the left and …

  3. Scikit-learn-speed HTML reports teaser

    By vene

    EDIT: I made the plots a little more readable, check it out!

    Last time, I teased you with a screenshot of local output. Now, I will tease you with the benchmarks run on a couple of recent commits, along with some from earlier this year.

    After some effort and bugfixes …

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